Kiars Advertising & Trading Agency

Kiars company is one of the best advertising agencies in Iran which provides full-service advertisement (ATL, BTL) in different forms including social media, display, print, broadcast and outdoor (urban) advertisement (OOH).


Smartest businesses tend to get the best qualities with best prices. That is basically what Kiars agency does. we provide our partners with a wide variety of top-grade services with international standards. What makes Kiars stand out is the unbelievable quality with unimaginable prices.


Relying on our 10 years of experience and our superb professional team, Kiars can meet its partners’ needs in every aspect of marketing and advertisement. One of the backbones of our company is the creativity of our experts which alongside up-to-date equipment can make any dream come true.


Our main office is based in Iran but we are registered as an official company in 26 different countries in Asia and Europe. We also have amazing execution teams stationed in Germany and UAE in order to provide our services in the most efficient time and price possible throughout Europe and Asia.


Our partners are the ones that stand out the most in their market, and also, their customers have better brand recognition and understanding.


Along with advertising, Kiars agency helps to improve its partners' visibility and sales.


In Kiars, we provide our partners with the necessary requirements to have better sales and branding potential.